Friend Request Accepted



…is fulfilled
…has meaning
…is built around genuine friendships…

But how do you get there? This book takes you on a step by step journey on how to improve your social game.

Just like with any skill set, you have to practice!
With ideas and tactics you can implement into your daily routine, your social network in real life will increase before you know it.

About The Book

Friend Request Accepted is an 18-step guide on how to make friends as an adult and to truly connect with people.

Andrew wrote this book as he heard from many others of how hard it is to genuinely connect with people today. Through his experiences of moving around and living abroad, he too knew it was not easy to make friends post college. So he decided to write a book to help people gain the knowledge to have real conversations and to put themselves out there.

Who Should Read The Book?

The book is perfect for people who are looking to expand their social circle and build deep relationships, through an approach that make sense for today’s fast-moving generation.

You’ll learn invaluable information to apply to your day to day routines so that you can walk into any event with confidence and start making new friends today!

Contents of Friend Request Accepted

Friend Request Accepted content

Truly connect with people

Andrew Machota

About The Author

Andrew Machota

From a farm town in Indiana to being the CEO and Founder of New Town Connections, the largest social club in Tampa Bay, Andrew Machota has built his social network up from one person to several thousand in the span of a few short years.

In this book, Andrew shares his strategies for building long-term friendships and relationships that will change how you approach talking to people.

As a clinical social worker, I see firsthand the pain that results from social isolation, and from an unhealthy dependence on a romantic partner. Unfortunately, many clients experience intense anxiety when asked to expand their social support network. This book is a valuable tool to help anyone initiate and navigate social interactions that can lead to rewarding friendships and increased life satisfaction. — Natalie Jay, M.S.W.

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